Buch Review Colleen Hoovers „This Girl“ (#3 Slammed) – Nett, aber unnötig

Colleen Hoover – „This Girl“

Autor: Colleen Hoover
Titel: This Girl
Seiten: 304
Reihe: Slammed, Teil 3 von 3
Erscheinungsdatum: 30.04.2013
Sprache: englisch
ASIN: B00BOVFLD0 (Kindle eBook)
deutscher Titel: Weil wir uns lieben (dtv Verlag)
Amazon-Link: This Girl

Teil 1: Slammed
Teil 2: Point Of Retreat


„You’re in love with her, aren’t you?“ I pause. Am I? I sign and clasp my hands behind my head, not sure what to say. „I’m trying so hard not to be,“ I say quietly, admitting it to myself for the first time.“

„The sadness in her eyes that has consumed her for the past three weeks is nonexistent right now. There’s hope in her eyes again, and I want nothing more than to somehow help her maintain whatever it is she’s feeling right now. I slowly lean in and press my lips against hers. The sensation from the kiss both kills me and brings me back to life in the same breath. She quietly gasps, then parts her lips for me, taking a fist of my shirt in her hands, gently pulling me closer.
I kiss her.
I kiss her like it’s the first time I’ve ever kissed her.
I kiss her like it’s the last time I’ll ever kiss her“